Briotech produces the first pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a non-toxic, naturally occurring biochemical disinfectant that can safely and efficiently destroy the deadliest known pathogens. Based near Seattle, Washington, USA we use proprietary technology to make stable and effective HOCl for applications in hospitality, maritime, medical, agricultural and industrial settings.
Briotech’s HOCl can safely and inexpensively decontaminate shipboard spaces, destroying bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella, MRSA, fecal coliforms including E. coli O157, viruses like norovirus and influenza, plus fungus and molds. Brio HOCl has a shelf life of two years, and is safe for people, surfaces, and fabrics with no rinsing.
InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is the Company that makes a difference in the pharmaceutical industry: because its thrust is geared towards improving existing products into new forms making them acceptable drugs; that are cost-effective but of excellent quality, that will redound to the benefit and welfare of the end-users.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., resulted from the fusion of nine Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies which was initiated in June 2010. From the different therapeutic class of products; into it now only has the following areas of concentration: the Cardio-Metabolic Division, CNS and Gastro Division, and the Anti-infectives and Respiratory Division. Ethical Marketing and Promotions are on a national coverage.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is proud to be the first national company that has provided second to innovator pharmaceutical products, most of which are off-patent molecules.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., has spearheaded and made way for technology transfer and partnership with big pharmaceutical companies around the world, enabling this company to avail itself of the latest information and facilities in the Industry.

Littman Drug Corporation is a Philippine company incorporated on August 27, 1992 with the objective of distributing quality & efficacious drugs as affordable prices in the Philippine market.

Its principal office is located at 3rd Floor, No. 3 Jaime Cardinal Sin St., Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

In April 1994, Littman Drug started business operation by distributing selected cardiovascular drugs. As of July 1, 2015, the company is distributing more than 40 products, all registered with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the Philippines. While a few of the products are locally manufactured, most of the products are imported from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and India.

The company has 22 executive managers, office staff and messengers, and more than 45 professional medical representatives, who visit doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and government and industrial agencies promoting the company’s product.

Marine Benefits is the shipping industry’s leading specialist in providing seafarers and their dependents with social benefits such as medical-, disability-, and life insurance. Providing insurance, has proven to give peace of mind not only to the seafarer, but to the ship owner as well. Marine Benefits is compliant under the Maritime Labour Convention, the Amended Migrant Workers Act, and the Data Protection Act, and strives to develop the best risk management tools to increase attraction and retention of crew in a cost efficient and global manner.
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New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation is a professional healthcare company that is engaged in the importation, sales, promotion and distribution of diverse specialty line of pharmaceutical-related products. It began its operations in 1983 as Marketlink International Corporation. In 2006, it became New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation under the subsidiary of Tao Corporation.

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